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How To Get Back Your Lost Customer?

Posted on 26 May 2010

Some companies may also face about how to remind inactive customers to use the service again. My team and I also face the same problem, especially the customers who have been inactive more than 3 month.

We consider the customers who may not response immediately. We design “Follow Up” system with 4 steps. If the customer does not have any response in step 1, we will process step 2 and going on. Here are our “Follow Up” system:

Step 1: Email to the customers and point out:

  • Recognition that they use your service before and their accounts are inactive.
  • Indicate some possibility of some slips which cause them dissatisfy as a result of inactivity. And let them know your company which has new services, improvement, etc.
  • Provide the special offer and the deadline of the offer.
  • Request their response.

Step 2: If they do not reply the email after a week, send another email about:

  • Remind them that you send email them 7 days ago.
  • Provide them the testimonials
  • Bring up the special offer and deadline will end soon.

Step 3: If the customers still do not have reply in the deadline, send the final email about:
Extend the special offer for x days and emphasize that no more promotion after this extension.

Step 4: If you still get the reply around 1 week after you have sent the final email, your email may not reach your customers’ email inbox, you need to phone call them directly.

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