Strategy To Pass Google Analytics IQ Test

Posted on 06 May 2010

Do you prepare to take the Google Analytics IQ Test? The good news is that you can find this page important information of how to pass the test. Don’t miss every details because you must get 80% or more to pass your exam (Previous pass mark is 75%).

I spent 1 week to study this test and paid $50 at to start 70 questions. I used around 1 hour 15 minutes to finish all questions. After I confirmed your answers and submitted the test, I could get my result immediately. I would say if you have already used Google Analytics before, the test is not so hard. The challenging part is that some questions may require you to choose more than 1 answer or some true/false questions. For example, one question may ask you why Adword Clicks can differ from Analytics visits or how Google Analytics tracks visitors with multiple correct answers. If you study in Google Analytics IQ Lession, you must be able to answer most of the questions.

Since this test is kind of the open book test, you do not need to remember all details but to understand it. Let me provide some tips that you must understand.

– Focus on the filters section and understand about regular expressions. In IQ test, there are several questions about regular expressions.
– Campaign Tracking and AdWords Integration is an important topic. You need to know the difference between enabling and disabling autotagging in Adwords. You should study twice in this section.
– E-commerce Tracking is another important topic that you need to understand. My experience is that at least 5 questions are related to this topic.
– The final topic that you need to pay attention is cookies. There are some tricky questions about persistent and temporary cookies.

In order to help you succeed in the test, I provide some useful pages that you can use them in your test:

Google Analytics Blog
Google Analytics RegEx Filter Tester
Google Analytics URL Builder
Cookies & Google Analytics
Google Analytics Tracking API
Regular expression for your range of IP addresses Generator
Time on Page and Time on Site

Again, hope you all pass your Google Analytics IQ Test!

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