Sucessful Website: One Goal And Multiple Channel Communication

Posted on 29 May 2010

There are a lot of techniques to ramp up your web traffic. Selecting a good strategy can draw the best traffic to your website. Here are some of my suggestions:

1) Think about your content; you can’t get traffic unless you know what your visitors expect from your website and how your website can fulfill your visitors’ needs.

2) Don’t give your visitors unnecessary choices on your website.  Complicated options will confuse your visitors and keep your visitors away from your website.

3) But DO design a communication plan with multiple methods:

  • Use PPC to determine if your idea will work
  • Think about metrics to determine whether visitors do what you want them to do
  • Identify keywords that convert
  • Calculate costs to get a customer
  • Evaluate the customer value
  • Optimize website for organic searches
  • Write quality blogs
  • Prepare Press Releases
  • Prepare Articles
  • Utilize Social Networking
  • Cooperate with JV Partners

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