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Website With A Million Visitors Per Month Secret

Posted on 28 May 2010

I meet many phenomenal webmasters whose 2.0 websites can generate more than a million unique visitors per month.  These webmasters understand how to bring visitors to their websites and retaining their visitors.

I try to summarize the key points that the webmasters generates a million high quality traffic to their sites:

1. Research which hit topics are suitable to your website. You can find hit topic from,,

2. Setup the community. Usually these websites have forums or Facebook Fan pages. When there are hit topics, the webmasters will buzz the noise and attract the visitors to come to the sites and discuss.

3. Incentives or bonuses to the visitors. The webmasters offer free gifts to encourage visitors to respond topics on websites. Such gifts may be special downloaded items or free services.

5. Monitor popular topics to update their websites’ contents. The webmasters keep track of popular topics in order to generate targeted and repeated visitors.

Do you think the above ideas can attract millions of visitors to your website? Please comment it.

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