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8 Online Marketing Methods To Sell Your Products/Services

Posted on 08 June 2010

Marketing your services and products to your potential customers is not easy when there are a lot of choices in the market. You need to think of creative ways to attract your potential customers before they purchase your products 0r services.

In this article, I outline some effective online marketing methods. The methods listed below are commonly used for selling your products/services online:

The Paid Traffic Method

A fast track to bring visitors to your website is to buy traffic from online ad networks. I recommend you to find the online ad networks which provide keyword and URL targeted features to the advertisers. These two features can help you bring targeted and potential customers to your websites. We suggest you to advertise in Google Adwords, Microsoft Search Advertising,

The Forum Method

Forum is another effective method to get potential customers. When members in the forum are interested in some of specific topics, you can get significant results if you use forum wisely to draw attentions of members. You may ask how to find forums related to his service/product.  The answer is: you can go to Google and search forums such as:

Your keyword related to your product/service “Powered by phpbb” or Your keyword related to your product/service “Powered by vbulletin”

Then you can see the list of forums that match your desired categories or keywords.

One thing to avoid: don’t promote your product/service in irrelevant topics. Administrators in forums consider your messages as spams if you do so. Not only your account will be suspended, but also your product/service will be hurt by bad images. Most of the forums allow you to append signature with a link to your product or website. Usually, I write signature with 6 – 10 words including web site URL. Therefore, every time you response the post in the forum, other members can see your description in the signature. In addition, to let forum members think that you are an active member, you need to set “Subscription mode” active. That is, when you post a new thread or reply to a topic, you can choose to  add that thread to your list of subscribed threads automatically, with the option to receive email notification of new replies to that thread.

The Blogging Method

The use of blog for business does not write the personal feeling. Instead, you need to provide more information about your product/service. Usually, blogs write reviews, critics, the use of the product/service or new stuff coming up.  In fact, blogs complement contents that your websites lack. We recommend that you implement email subscribe forms in your blog. The use of this form is to collect emails of your potential clients or customers. When you have any promotion and blog update, you can email to them. You can develop many creative ways to profit from your own blog.

The Affiliate Method

This promotion method is not for every business. When you want the people to promote your product/service, you need to have affiliate tracking system or rent from other ad serving system company. The common problem of using this method is discrepancy between affiliate and ad serving system. Because most of affiliate tracking system use cookie to check, the lead cannot check if there is cookie error. As a result, there is the argument between the merchant and the affiliate.

The Auction Method

When I talk about auction method, you will think about eBay. EBay is the one of the most popular choices for selling your product/service. It has millions of visitors per day, and is incredibly easy to list an item for sale online to  make quick cash.

To sell through an auction site, all you need is an account of the auction site, your product, and a payment processor such as PayPal to get your money as fast as possible. And, most of large-scale auction sites like eBay offer plenty of useful information along with step-by-step instructions to help you set up auction like a flash.

The “Upsell” Method

This tactic can be used when you have collected list of contact like client email list, phone list, Facebook group. Upsell method is effective if you ask your clients to update product/service from free to paid.

The Membership Method

Creating your own membership site is a very profitable business. It also creates a stable flow of monthly income on l regular basis. That’s what makes this method a great one. Many CMS’ like Joomla, WordPress provide member registration form to build your client base. Of course you need to design creative way to attract visitors to join you membership programme like free gift, coupon, etc. You need to understand that anyone joining your site will be your potential customers.

The Joint Venture Method

Joint ventures are nothing more than that you go to another person and suggest to work together for your mutual benefit to get more traffic.

When thinking of joint ventures, consider how you should approach someone who has a large list, a busy website, terrific contacts or credibility, and how you can convince them to work with you. Usually, you think the common way to look for:

1) Leverage Other’s Lists of Subscribers
2) Leverage Your Own List of Subscribers
3) Leverage Other’s Website Traffic
4) Leverage Your Website Traffsic
5) Leverage Relationships Of Others (JV Brokers And Friends Of Friends)

But now, I want to introduce using Facebook to find JV partners. It is a simple way to get targeted traffic immediately.

Let’s say you want to promote camera website. You can go to Facebook and search photography group and fan pages. You need to find the groups and fan pages with many members. Then, you have to contact to these owners and negotiate with them how much money they need to promote your site to their members.

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