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Trick To Bid $0.01 Per Click In Adwords

Posted on 14 June 2010

Many advertisers & marketers like online advertising because online ads can draw attentions of visitors in short period of time. In addition, they can measure ROI of online campaigns easily. In fact, there are many ways to get traffic to your offer/landing page. However, how can you get good traffic at the lowest cost? In this post, I will show you steps that you pay as low as 1 cent per click to drive high quality traffic to your campaigns.

Before start, let me show you evidence that I bid only $0.01 in Google Adwords:

Bid 1 cent in Google

You can notice that my Adwords campaign generates:

– spent 690 clicks for US$6.93
– The average CPC is US$0.01
– 2,727,547 impressions
– 2 conversions

So you can see that I bid with 1 cent per click and achieved conversions. I’m going to teach you what I did exactly to get 1 cent per click in Google Adwords.

Choose the right keywords to your market

When advertisers find the keywords, they may analyze what keywords their competitors are using. This is the right direction. However, you may bid a high paid keywords. In addition, these keywords may not be suitable to your campaign. To get targeted keywords at low bid price, go to Google Keyword Suggestion Tool and enter your destination URL, see the following:

Google will suggest you a list of keywords. Sometimes, Google suggests keywords with different categories. For example, one keyword is “mobile phone”. Another keyword is “world cup”. This means that your landing page is not targeted to specific category enough. You need to change your content before advertising. Otherwise, you will pay for higher bid price.

When the list of keywords is under the same category, save the list first. Because we need to start to build the long tail keywords. I call this as fair competitive strategy. This strategy has 2 advantages:

1) You can get into markets that seem fairly competitive, even cut-throat on the search network.

2) You pay less for nearly the same kind of traffic others are fighting for. These guys are paying a click for $1-$5 . And you get this traffic in spades, as you can see for .01.

Next, I will talk about how to build your keyword list.

Build Your Keyword List

Usually, I build a keyword list of around 1,000 keywords. It sound a lot. Don’t worry about it. I will suggest a Fast Easy Way to you.

Google Keyword Tool

Now enter each keyword that you save before. At the same time, you need to choose language and countries that you will target in Adwords campaigns. Make sure to keep use synonyms checked. As I mentioned before, we need to create long tail keywords. You only choose the keyword phrases which are related to the keyword you search. Here is an example:

In this example, brand marketing, web marketing will not been added into your list. You need not care about search volume. Just add the relevant keywords terms into your list.

Create the image banner

As my trick only apply on placement advertising in Google Adwords, you need to image banner. Regarding to the banner size, I recommend that you only need to design the image banner with size: 250×250, 300×250 and 336×280. These banner sizes can generate better conversion that I tested before.

Ok, let me show you how to create the effective image banner.

There are some elements to consider when you design image ads:

– As Google will review your image banner first, you need to make sure that your images do not break Adwords policy.
– Choose an image that someone can visually associate with the subject. The best is to involve a human element that matches your market demographically.
– Create a button with a call to action
– Design with flashing elements

Image Ads Design Idea and Ad Copy

You may not have the design background, but you can get some idea from and Google Images. One reminder to you is that don’t copy exactly images post since images can be copyright protected.

After you have ideas for your image banner, you need to think about ad copy. In order to get a good ad copy for your image banner, I recommend one site: Once you type one of your keywords into the search box, it will display list of ad copy:

As keywordspy provide the score of ad copy ROI, this will give you an idea what kind of ad copy is effective. In, there are lots of ads for you to explore. If your first search does not turn up any good ads, you can search another keyword following the same process.

Call To Action

Call To Action is simply telling someone to do something in your image ad. The best is to have a button with a contextual call to action within it; something like “Download Now”, “Subscribe Here”, “Try It Immediately”. Of course the text within your button should be based on what you want the person to do after they click on your image ad.

A Flashing Element

This is fairly simple. You just want something that flashes in your image ad. But a warning…

If you do too much your ad will get disapproved in the approval process by Google. Keep it simple but effective.

The following are some effective examples that have been proven to increase the CTR of my image ads:

– A button that changes color
– Button or call to action text that alternates between two phrases
– An animated arrow pointing to the button

If you’ve followed the detailed instructions I’ve given you for creating your image ads, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting them approved.

Usually it take 24-48 hours but can take (and has) up to a week for the ads to be approved.

The key is to be patient. How fast your ads are reviewed depends on the volume of requests for reviews that Google has at the moment.

Sometimes it’s fairly quick (within 24 hours) and sometime they take longer than that.

It’s just a fact that Google works on her own terms and we’re most at her mercy.

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