Is Pay Per View Better Than Pay Per Click?

Posted on 25 July 2010

Besides buying ppc traffic to display your cost per action (cpa) campaigns, most affiliates discuss about how to generate lead via pay per view (ppv) traffic.

What is Pay Per View Advertising/Cost Per View?

Different from Pay Per Clicks advertising, advertisers will be only charge when their advertisements display for each view. Most of PPV advertisements show via pop-up or pop-under ads format. Since the PPV ad networks emphasize the advertisements which only display at what URLs the advertisers target. This means PPV advertising is kind of related to ad-ware. If you want to promote your CPA campaign using PPV traffic, you need to confirm with your affiliate manager whether this cpa campaign allows this kind of traffic or not. As I know, does not accept any adware traffic to display all CPA offers.

Where can affiliate find the PPV traffic?

Before April, 2009, Zango should be the largest PPV traffic source. After his bankrupt, some medium PPV ad networks grow up. At this moment, there are around 5 ad networks which sell PPV traffic. The following networks I listed have their own content networks/adware:

– TrafficVance .com

What features does PPV have to outperform PPC?

The strongest advantage of PPV is that the visitors can see your landing page immediately via pop up/pop under ad format. In addition, the price rate of PPV is lower than PPC. Usually, the price rate is between $0.004 – $0.015. (Sometimes, you may spend more if you do not setup correctly. Coming up, I will provide some advice to avoid.0

The most popular targeting options for PPV companies offers are:

– URL Targeting
– Keyword Targeting (Contextual Targeting)
– Category Targeting
– Geo Targeting

Advice when you setup PPV campaign

When I started to setup PPV campaigns for my first time, I made the big mistake. I spent $100 in 30 minutes without any conversion. At first, I believed the campaign should run fine when I had set Geo-Targeting, 1/24 hour frequency capping correctly. However, it is not true. You may not image how fast PPV traffic can spend your funding like a rocket. Ok, let me share my fault. Hope my eperience can advise you when you setup the CPV campaign:

Minimum CPV/PPV Price

Some advertisers confuse about the difference of Cost per click and Cost per view. They will apply CPC bid price to CPV campaign. As a result, they spend 10 times budget more than that in CPC campaign. (You need to know that CPV traffic run faster than CPC in most of time) Sometimes I also confuse about CPV bidding rate when you need to think about decimal. For example, when I setup the CPV campaign in Clicksor, it usaully tell me to bid $0.004 at least. At the same time, I also setup the CPV campaign in Mediatraffic, it ask me to bid $0.015.

Everytimes before I run the PPV campaign, I need to do some calculation – change PPV back to CPM (cost per 1000 impression). I need to make sure my campaign run in CPM $4 or $15, not CPM $40 or $150.

Add more specific keyword and URL targeted

Similar to the strategy of setting CPC campaign, too general keywords/URLs can provide you lots of traffic (but not lead). Different to CPC traffic, PPV traffic will spend you more money if your keywords/URLs are too general. When you add keywords/URLs into your CPV campaign, please use some special term. Even though the traffic delivery may be slow, your need is conversion, not traffic!

Testing ROI tracking code of CPV ad network and adding your own tracking code

To generate lead, you must get some accurate data in order to optimize your campaign. I will design my own landing page and lead the visitors to action page. There are two benefits if you work like this:

1. If you have your own landing page, you can inset your own in-house tracking code and monitor the ad network traffic. This is the most important thing to make sure that the PPV ad network deliver good quality traffic to your CPA campaign. Here is my experience why I recommend you to add your own in-house tracking code.

Last few months, I advertised in one PPV ad network. I spent few hundred dollar to one CPA campaign. However, there was only one lead generated so far. The representative kept to suggest me adding more keywords and URLs (I don’t think she is professional). Of course, I could only follow her recommendation because she knew more than me. After few days, I doubt whether my landing page had problem or PPV traffic had problem. Then I decided to re-create the landing page within my own tracking code which could track the geographic, referrer URL, keyword. OMG, when the campaign started to run again, I noticed that all referrer URL came from this kind of site: How this kind of PPC search engine could generate lead to my CPA offer. In addition, I never wanted to target to this kind of site. And finally, I asked for Refund.

Ok, I stop the story stops in here. The main thing I want to bring is that you need to make sure PPV ad network can provide the traffic that you want to target. If you know any suspicious traffic to your campaign, please contact to your PPV ad network representation immediately.

2. All PPV ad networks provide their ROI tracking code to your campaign. You make sure that you place this ROI tracking code into the CPA page which can get paid. In this case, you need to communicate with your CPA representatives. Send the ROI tracking code to them and ask them to put into the page. Some of CPA networks like allows you to do yourself.

Summary Table

Advantage Disadvantage
Cost Per Click (CPC/PPC) - Cost money when someone clicks your ad.- More online resource to teach the advertisers how to run the good PPC campaigns. - The advertisers need to consider to write good ads to attract clicks.-  Bidding price is higher than PPV one.

– High competition when most people advertise in large PPC networks (Like Google, Yahoo, MSN). As a result, the bid price is higher and higher.

Cost Per View (CPV/PPV) - Provide narrow targeted traffic.- Each visit with lower bid price (Usually the minimum bid price between $0.004 – $0.015).

– The visitors can see your website directly without any action.

– You only need to concern on your landing page.

- Traffic Related to Adware.- Most PPV traffic display through pop up/pop under ads format. Make sure the ad networks can bypass pop up blocker.

– The discrepancy is usually higher than CPC traffic.

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