“Get Offers” – Adwords New Ad Unit

Posted on 12 October 2011

During I find some information about restaurant, I notice that Google Adwords has the new ad unit “Get Offers”. This kind of ads is simple to ask the visitors to fill the email and zip in order to receive the offers.

Also, when I click “Privacy info” link, it only displays “Information you submit will be shared with this advertiser”. I feel the term is too simple. Most Email / Zip Submit offers from CPA networks always have the detailed privacy statement. So I recommend Google can pop the window and provide detailed Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy to the visitors.

After you have filled the required information, it displays “You have successfully signed up to recieve (spell wrong) offers.

I try to login my Adword account. To see if I can setup this ad unit. Unfortunately, Google does not open this ad unit to public.

In my opinion, “Get Offers” ad unit must give big impact to CPA networks, specially Email / Zip Submit offers.

If you have any experience how to setup “Get offers” ads, please share with me.

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