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Key of Long Tail Keywords

Posted on 10 October 2011

Long tail keywords are good for new websites and campaigns as they are much easier to rank higher in Google search engine or to bid lower in Adwords competition. So you can have some initial success.

To find the right long tail keywords, researching and testing are necessary. First, you need to identify what niche you want to target. Then you prepare the keyword research. This is the important part for the whole process. If you aren’t doing proper keyword research before you optimize your website or launch your campaign, you are taking a stab in the dark.

Some people confuse how to define the right long tail keywords. In here, I share some experiences with you by using Google Keyword Tool.

1. Long tail keywords will not provide your website millions of visitors. Instead, they will provide you the most targeted organic/paid traffic. You don’t need to care about how many words long tail keywords have. But reasonable amount of global monthly searches are more important. Usually I pick up the long tail keywords with 100 – 2000 searches monthly.

2. Besides the search volume, I consider the long tail keywords with “Low to Medium” competition.

3. After you have collected the list of long tail keywords, you must review all. The objective of long tail keywords are generated high quality and relevant visitors to your website, not the volume. You need to remember this point.

Long tail keywords may not provide your website high traffic volume. But it provides laser targeted for high conversion potential. In addition, long tail keywords strategy works efficient for local search marketing.

Do you have any thought about long tail keywords? Please share your ideas to me.

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