What Is Incentive CPA Offer

Posted on 09 October 2011

To attract affiliates to promote some specific offers, the CPA networks provide incentives for their affiliates. So what is incentive offer?

Incentive offer means that the affiliates can give the rewards to the people who are interested in completing CPA offers in specific niche. These rewards include virtual points, cash or real gift. But not all CPA offers allow incentivized. You must read the CPA offer description clearly before promoting. The following is one of the examples of incentive CPA offer:

To be success of incentive CPA offer, some affiliates can make more money by using the following methods:

Content locking: locking a content with the widget that has some offers on it. Once a user has completed an offer that convert, they get to see the content inside.

GPT sites: stands for Get Paid To sites. It requires your members to complete offers or surveys in order to pay them.

Cash incentives: offer cash to your visitors for completing the offers.

Of course, before you use the above methods, you need to contact to your affiliate managers. Make sure the incentive offers which allow using this promotion.

Some incentive friendly networks you should check out:

What did I miss? What are other nice incentive CPA networks or promotional methods you have seen lately? Let me know in the comments below.

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