Seo Basic Guide For Google Panda Update

Posted on 11 December 2011

How Google Search Engine Ranks Your Site

According to Matt Cutts, a Google employee and leading SEO expert, search engines use the sophisticated and proprietary algorithm for judging your site with more than 100 different criteria. Each is given a specific weighting which can change over time. This is important to remember that optimizing the site is the long term task. As the website owner, you need to always try, test and refine your efforts.

Even though there are so many criteria, Google starter guide points out several major factors which will affect the ranking:

  1.  How old the domain name is. Generally, the older the domain name, the easier the website gets higher ranking.
  2. Keywords used in the title and description of your website [between the and description tag].
  3. Keywords used in headings [< h1 >< /h1 >,< h2 >< /h2 >, etc] in the body of your website.
  4. How fast loading speed of the website is. Not more people know that website loading time (aka site speed) is now the one major factor of ranking factor. Slow loading speed may remove your website from search engine.
  5. Keywords used in link – both on your site and other relative websites that point to your site.
  6. Website which contains 200 words with relevant content at least.
  7.  How often the content of your website is updated. You should update the content once per month.
  8. How fast your website builds new links with other site. Notice if the link building looks excessive, unnatural or manipulative, your website has an opportunity to be blacklist by Google.

Why Domain Name is Important in SEO

Before Google spiders your website content, the domain name is the first thing Google must look at. When a keyword is contained in a domain name or sub-domain, there is good chance that Google will notice your website faster. The following are the tips you need to consider:

  • The older the domain name age, the more weight Google gives your website. And it can get better ranking.
  • The shorter the domain name, the better the SEO result you can get.
  • Don’t use more than one hyphen in a domain name
  • Don’t use too general keywords like Try to get the specific one.

One more thing. Before you buy the domain name, you must check if this domain name has been flagged as spam domain before. When you buy the blacklisted domain name, you will spend more time to recover it. You can go to Iwebtool Google Banned Checker and scan the domain before you buy.

Best Practices for Creating Title and Description

If you do search engine optimization, you must know that Google has the higher weight oftag Meta Description tag. So I don’t spend more time to explain how importance they are. Instead, I will talk about some best practices you should follow for creating title tag and meta description tag on a page:

  • Include your primary keyword phrase in the tile and description of each page.
  • Each page must have unique title and description
  • Primary keyword phrase should be closer at the beginning of the sentence
  • Do not repeat the primary keyword phrase twice in title and description
  • Not more than 7 words in Title tag and 25 words in Meta Description tag

Please pay more attention to optimize title and description. Normally, all will display in the search engine.

Optimizing Website Speed

In April 2010, Google announced that site speed is one of the major factors in search engine ranking. So speeding up your website loading becomes more important. There are many reasons which will affect the page loading speed like:

  • The number of HTTP requests
  • CSS and Javascript
  • The number and size of images
  • The loading speed of hosting

In order to check the loading speed, I recommend you use Google Page Speed Downloads. This tool can easily find out which part of your pages needs to improve.

Create Your Link-Building Campaign

Link Building can provide long term benefit for your website ranking. It is a time-consuming, ongoing process. Also, there are lots of different link-building strategies. For the SEO starters, they will feel that link-building is so hard. In here, I will provide the most popular ways to get the links. And this is the core ways of building links. Whatever Google changes its algorithm, your linking strategy will not bee affected.

Directories – are the best way to start working on your link campaign. There are hundreds of directories and many of them are free so it is good to start there. You can download the list with 18,737 free directories submission to build your linking campaign.

Forums – are another option for gaining links – all it takes is posting into related places and along with posts include also links to website. Links can be integrated in signature or also in part of reply if there is appropriate information. And I share 327,200 forum URLs for you to download.

Blogs – are a great solution to give its owner total control over content and links. As a lot of blogging companies offer blogs for free it just makes sense to create them and use for link creation and building a network of sites around central website. Also most of the blog allows you to add links in the comment. And you can download 775,000 good PageRank blog URLs that I use.

Articles and press releases – represent a very powerful strategy for getting one way links as well as an instant stream of extra visitors if the article is republished by some online or offline medium. I upload 87,942 articles/press releases sites for you to submit articles.

Social Network – becomes the most important factor on the link building strategy. To understanding the expansion of social media, Google makes a huge shift in 2011. And they did it by introducing the Panda update. Google search engine ranks social media sites in the high position. This means Google’s social media shift has a hug impact on your website now. And this impact will continue to grow throughout 2012 and beyond. So building link in social networks are necessary. Besides the popular social network (like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube), I have 2854 social network sites to share with you.

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