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Why You Shouldn’t Always Rely on One Person to Build Links on Fiverr

Posted on 23 November 2013

Whenever I am looking for a perfect outsource site for any link submission, Fiverr should come in my mind immediately. This is a site that has brought sellers and buyers of various services together under a very effective mechanism. There are many reasons why Fiverr is choice of many people today:

  • This site offers the highest flexibility on advertising price. With posting or advertising charges ranging from $5 to $500, you can always negotiate your prices.
  • You are guaranteed of getting virtually everything you want to have or know. With Fiverr, you are exposed to over 1.3million variety services. This is the highest number of services you can ever have in one platform.
  • There are also multiple options where buyers can order more services, (aka gigs at Fiverr) at one go. There are obviously rebates that come with such arrangements.
  • Fiverr is very effective at facilitating buying and selling with very little turn around time for customers to buy your services.

However, in order to build links and improve your website link popularity at Fiverr. Not only you need someone knowledgeable with more positive comment, but also you cannot find the same person to help you submit links.

In my experience, by relying on a single individual, you might be loosing. In the past, I always asked a person at Fiverr to submit links to directories. For the first few projects, he did the great job. However, the links submitted by him started to be blacklisted by Google. With this it means that your website will have the risk to be blacklisted too.

Whether he is doing this deliberately or unknowingly, the only way to avoid this is by working with number individual experts at Fiverr. Assign your links to different experts each time. By getting used to one means that he’s most likely get torpid with your assignments.

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