How to Create Effective Call-to-Action Copy

Posted on 15 December 2013

Every time I write the copy of landing page or email promotion is to capture the attention of the prospects. A call-to-action statement is therefore a very crucial aspect of business writing. You want your reader to make the next move towards your will in that piece of writing. However, the speed at which readers make the next great step will depend on what they have just read. For this reason, it is very important to ensure that your ideas and points are well articulated. The following are keys to creating an effective call-to-action copy that I always use:

  • Use more verbs and subjects; verbs are doing words and the more and well chosen they have been, can prompt readers to take the intended action. Subjects will mostly enhance the feeling that you are dealing with real issues here. All these and the facts should be written in coherence and easy language.
  • Ensure accuracy of the points; it is important to ensure you talk facts that people can believe in. When readers who are basically prospective customers trust your piece of info they will respond fast to your call of action aspect of that piece of writing.
  • Use of actual data and numbers to prove your argument; this is yet another strategy to ensure that your readers identify with your piece of writing. Chances are that they have read lots more other related material but yours standout when you use living data.
  • Language less technical; more practical; readers want to gain some knowledge from your writing to improve themselves in some way. Practical language will most likely connect with what they already know. However, it is important to go on and educate them further with some technical knowledge on ‘a why of things’, ‘how’, reviews made and analysis. This will make the reader find the piece so relevant to them. They will most likely trust it to move on to heed to its unspoken but targeted advice of taking an action.

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