The 3 Common Google Analytics Alternatives For Advertisers

Posted on 16 December 2013

Google analytics is really common among many people. However, when I review advertisers’ campaigns, they use another web analytics system or both. The major reasons why other analytics would be preferred is because of:

1. The user needs two or more analytics packages for accuracy
2. There is less trust on Google especially due to the fear of less or no privacy
3. The user needs some upgrade in functionality

What are some of the alternatives?

• Clicky: One of the endeared aspects of Clicky is the presence of easy to understand graphs and charts among other features. With it, it is also easy to see the number of people visiting the webpage you are on. Clicky also has the capacity to set up alerts that are triggered by certain actions on the site. There are also options to get analytics for twitter accounts. Clicky has also introduced heatmaps uptime monitoring for paid users that is underway, which will actually make this even more desirable. Once you upgrade to one of their paid plans, it’s possible to track its multiple sites. On the other hand, Clicky is simply attractive.

• Bitly: This one simply provides the tools that help to view statics which are actually related to the users that click on the generated links. Bitly has got outstanding analytics. Bitly is very significant when it comes to the shortening of URLs. Link shorteners’ are more common in twitter, and this is the reason why Bitly is used more in twitter. The characters assigned in twitter are usually 140; therefore reducing the number expected more makes it easier for a twit to be re-tweeted more.

• Statcounter: When it comes to viewing traffic, Statcounter is excellent compared to Google analytics. Google analytics does not give data until the following day, while as with Statcounter you are able to see what really is going on in your site immediately anything comes up.

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