Hello, my name is Jack Cheung. I live in Toronto, Canada right now. I work in a online advertising company now. And I have more than 6 year online marketing experience. Besides sharing my experience of online marketing, I also want to share my life lesson and post something with  creativity, solace and inspiration via my blog.

My passion for blogging started at 1 Jan 2010. Even though I have met some really interesting people via Twitter and facebook, I also want to connect with people all over the world just through blogging.

With my 33 years of living life, I’ve  clearly had different life experiences. These experiences were creating by me. I was absorbing the experience and creating a lesson from it. As I started to review my life experiences, I realized that these experiences offer me the power and enthusiasm to move forward. No matter how many years I have on this life journey, I am still young enough to create what I want.

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If you wish to get a hold of me I can be contacted through the following forms of electronic communication:

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